Record Review: Jana Peri – Catching Flies with Vinegar (Hot Jupiter Music)

Jana_peri “I don’t care what’s on the charts
I only know what’s in my heart
And all I really want to do is rock”

So sings Jana Peri in “I Wanna Rock” from her debut full-length CD “Catching Flies with Vinegar” and she not only rocks with conviction but she throws in some tasty country twang with “I’ll be Gone” and some jazzy breaks in “All your Fault.” While its nice to hear her broadening her musical horizons its on rockers like the lead off “City Beat” “New York Proud” “Cab Driver” and her devasting take on the LA chickdom in “L.A. Girl” that absolutely blew my volume test off the meter. My eardrums are still reeling from playing this album way to load on my trusty iPod.

Not only is the music rock and roll great but Peri can write so its actually fun to sing along to these songs and not cringe at the lyrics (ya I sang along, sue me). I’m not going to bother trying to trot out the tired cliches about women rockers because musicians like Jana Peri blow all that bullshit straight out of the water. This is a great album of catchy, punk infused rock and roll. And who else but a woman can write a lyric like:

“Your kisses are synthetic so I probably shouldn’t care
But I’m feeling so pathetic in this crotchless underwear”

This is a all good stuff. Rock and roll thru and thru. Gotta catch her live.


album cover JANA PERI: Catching Flies With VinegarNYC power pop/rocker JANA PERI and the boys mix British Invasion and Punk influences, resulting in a powerful and tasty pop cocktail. Harmonies and hooks galore. Winner of ROCKRGRL Discoveries 2004 contest. New CD was produced by Daniel Rey (Ramones).

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