Record Review: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Sinner (Blackheart Records Group)

Sinner Joan Jett has more balls than most male rockers plying their trade these days. Never one to make an issue of her gender or try to “sex things up”, she has just continued to pump out consistently catchy and cool rock and roll no matter what year and what fad we find ourselves mired in.

On Sinner, her first album in 7 years she comes out swinging and I knew I was in love by the time “A.C.D.C.” started blasting out of the headphones with that great opening line “She got girls, girls all over the world. She got men, every now and then.” What a killer track and things just motor satisfyingly on throughout this 14 song CD with a bunch of great rockers (A.C.D.C., Five, Change the World, Fetish, Tube Talkin’) as well as some great melodic power pop tracks (Riddles, Naked, Everyone Knows). She also throws in a couple of slower numbers to mix things up (Androgynous, Watersign) but the thing I liked so much about this album (and other albums by her in the past) is that I smiled throughout listening to this CD. Sinner is fun, air drumming worthy rock and roll and really, that’s what music should be all about. To quote A.C.D.C. once again:

“She got spunk, but they call her a punk.”

Wear that punk tag proudly Joan! As thousands of fans found out on this year’s Warped Tour where you were a well-deserved headliner, you are quite simply rock and roll personified. Thanks for all the rock and roll fun to come.