Record Review: Jonathan Bright – Radio Free Tennessee (Unsigned)

Jonathan_bright_1Holy shit I love this CD! Jonathan Bright is a Nashville native but you won’t hear any country licks on his EP Radio Free Tennessee only incredibly catchy, pure rock and roll that brings to mind the type of hard rock candy that David Lee Roth-era Van Halen brought to the rock and roll party.

Right from the jungle drum kick off of Tweaking the Fine Tune I knew that this guy was special. First of all he has the voice and the guitar tone I love (hey these things are important!) and to top it all off he adds these little musical detours in his songs that keep things interesting. Along with Fine Tune you can add Shine to my personal iPod playlist as this stuff just feels right all the way through. Modern twists with major power pop sensibilities, Radio Free Tennessee is a blast from beginning to end. Have a listen on his website for free but really, just go out and buy the CD. You won’t regret it. And check out his MySpace site where he rips out a killer version of “Hot For Teacher.” Very cool stuff. Highly recommended.


album cover JONATHAN BRIGHT: radio free tennesseehyper-melodic hard rock, equal parts bad finger and black sabbath

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