Record Review: One Bad Son – Unreleased tracks from their upcoming sophomore album

Well this is different. I’m not one to review unreleased songs destined for an upcoming album but since a lot of them are available on the band’s MySpace site I figured what the hell!

Onebad_son For anybody that reads this site regularly, they will know that my tastes tend to run towards power pop and garage type rock with regular excursions to harder rockin’ territory once in awhile. One Bad Son took me by surprise because it is heavier than my normal rock and roll diet. When I heard the first song “Gringo” that is slated for their sophomore album this Spring I thought “Woah, this stuff is pretty crunchy and the vocals are heavy man” but by the time the second song “The Matterhorn” hit I tried to place who they reminded me of as I cranked the volume slowly but surely. Halfway through the track it hit me. Shit these guys remind me of the late great Soundgarden, a band I absolutely loved in the early 90s! All was good but then I heard “SunFire” (currently streaming off of my MySpace page) and then I knew these guys were special. The telltale signs were there: I played the song 3 times in quick succession while loading it onto my playlist for the next Rock and Roll Report Radio (set to air on January 22nd, 2007 by the way). A phenomenal song and a classic in my humble opinion.

Hailing from the rock and roll hotbed of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the four guys in One Bad Son have put together an awesome set of heavy but satisfyingly hard rock and roll that will make a killer album. With their debut album “This Agression Will Not Stand” garnering rave reviews and their live show blowing people away all over the place, this band will not suffer the dreaded “sophmore jinx” based on what I have heard. Check out their MySpace page for a listen to some of the new songs (Gringo, The Matterhorn and SunFire) and by all means check them out live if they come to the local rock and roll dive near you. Great stuff.


album cover ONE BAD SON: This Aggression Will Not StandModern hard rock in the vein of Alice in Chains or Audioslave. “Appetite for Destruction meets Houses of the Holy” (Exclaim. Magazine, June/06)

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