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Record Review: Tan Sleeve- “American Blood” (Cheft Records)

American_blood_1 “American Blood” by Tan Sleeve is an interesting record that really covers a wide swath of rock and roll. Made infamous by their song “Condoleeza Will Lead Us” and the title track, it is hard for me to determine if the lyrics are serious or tongue and cheek but regardless, “American Blood” has some choice tracks including the twisted “American Pie” sounding “When Lindsey Buckingham Shaved His Beard” and the phenomenal “Satisfaction” influenced “Partly Girl, Portly Boy.” Add in the great CSNY meet The Byrds track “Mr. Combover” and you have an amazing parallel rock and roll universe all contained on one CD. You can have a listen over at the Zuzula preview and download page for an idea of what Tan Sleeve have on offer. A phenomenal CD that will have you hitting repeat constantly as you pick up whiffs of rock and roll’s past strewn throughout the 14 tracks. Great stuff.