Record Review: The 88 – Over and Over (EMK/Mootron Records 2006)

The_88_1 There are two things to keep in mind about the CDs that I recieve for review. One, I only review the CDs that I like. Two, it sometimes takes me some time to warm up to a CD but those are usually the ones I end out liking the most. “Over and Over” by The 88 is a CD that both these rules apply to in equal measure.

When I first recieved this CD I gave it a couple of spins but for whatever reason it just didn’t jump out at me. A few weeks ago I loaded it up on the iPod for a second go and now it’s one of the most listened to CDs on my playlist. Originally “Hide Another Mistake” and “Haunt You” were the first songs that got the repeat treatment but lately I have been listening to “Battlescar” continuously (listen for it on the next Rock and Roll Report Radio). Actually, this is one of those CDs you just start at track 1 and let play for the duration. A lot of nice variation and surprises with some great pop hooks and the vocals of Keith Sletttedahl are original but fit in perfectly. A great CD that has really grown on me. A keeper in my books. I recommend you give them a spin. Check out their MySpace site and have a listen.