Record Review: The Blue Van – Dear Independence (TVT Records)

Dear_independence I like The Blue Van because they are distinctive and I mean that as a supreme compliment. Once I heard the track “Independence” off their sophomore release “Dear Independence” I knew that the band that put out last year’s supremely satisfying “The Art of Rolling” were only getting better with age. No sophomore jinx here.

Probably Denmark’s finest rock and roll export, The Blue Van have been compared to extensively to bands like The Kinks in their prime but that retro tag really is unfair to the band. What these four guys bring to the rock and roll table is pure, unadulterated rock and roll for those of us who like it rough, unvarnished and real. Often ignoring the obvious hook for their own distinctive sound, “Dear Independence” is a sonic adventure that gets better with each listen. Set to be released tomorrow, October 31, 2006, The Blue Van show that they are continuing to roll towards hopefully bigger and better things. Nice, fresh rock and roll from a band that gets it. Great stuff.