Record Review: The Dollyrots – “Because I’m Awesome” (Blackheart Records 2007)

The_dollyrots I love this band. Set to be released March 13, 2007 on Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records label, “Because I’m Awesome” by The Dollyrots have already had the mantle of “coolest song in the world” bestowed on them by none other than Little Steven for the great lead off track “Because I’m Awesome” which quite possibly has the best use of the word “neato” in a rock song.

Hailing from LA, the Dollyrots are fronted by one of the “hottest women in rock” according to Blender Magazine in the incomparable Kelly Ogden who has that perfect voice that alternates from sweet to dripping in rock and roll attitude. While the whole CD is great and is a natural to blare at top volume, the song that caught me off guard was their cover of “Brand New Key” by Melanie. I hate that song but in the hands of The Dollyrots they manage to infuse it with such a rock and roll punch that I had to listen to it about 4 times in a row just to let it soak in. A great cover because it adds to the song and for me actually makes it listenable.

All in all I have to say that not only am I absolutely blown away by this CD, it is nice to see Joan Jett using her record label to pump out authentic, no holds barred rock and roll. A refreshing blast to the ear drums. Excellent stuff.

Check out their MySpace page and have a listen: