Record Review: The Milky Ways – Alive Records

I started off the week talking about the explosion of French garage rock here in Quebec but there is also a great history of English garage rock in the province and new Alive Records signing the Milky Ways are just keeping the tradition going. Granted you have to be in the mood to listen to lo-fi garage rock and when I first started to listen to the Milky Ways’ debut I had to turn it off and wait for the right moment, something I do more often than not and why my reviews tend to come out much later than most (if at all). The second time I fired up the CD, which was in the car on a glorious sunny day I was in the mood. I cranked the first song “Shattered” to the max and instantly had a smile on my face. Requisite snotty vocals- check. Fuzzed out guiitars – check. Tinny sounding drums – check. “You Set My Mind on Fire” really turned things up a notch but “Got My Mojo Back” and especially “Guillotine” is what really did it for me. Featuring Oily Chi, Coco Khan, Choyce and Dan Pedro, the Milky Ways are another example of great garage rock and roll from one of Canada’s coolest cities. Pick up a copy and check them out live if you get the chance:


June 8-10 Toronto NXNE Festival

June 15 Montreal Zoobizarre with host King Khan

June 23 NYC (Brooklyn) Trash Bar with Baby Shakes and Nikki & The Corvettes

June 24 NYC (East Village) Otto’s Shrunken Head