Record Review: The Piper Downs – Varying Degrees of Failure and Tunelessness (Doorslammer Records)

Fun just permeates this release from California-based The Piper Downs. With an infectious power pop sound that just begs to be sung along to, Varying Degrees of Tunelessness doesn’t have one bad tune in the bunch. Kicking off with “Louder” (click to download) the CD just gains momentum through the 12 tracks (the 12th track is a very funny hidden track. Listen and laugh). This really is one of those CDs that has “Summer” written all over it and once again it passed my “loudness knob test” in which the volume was raised several significant notches after every track. Allthough all the songs are great the one that really threw me for a loop was “At Least For A While,” a lovely country-tinged ballad garnished with two part harmony and evocative pedal steel guitar. While it at first seemed slightly out of place, by my third listen I couldn’t help but smile at the pure melodramtic sweetness of it. It works perfectly.

Their website and My Space site has everything from downloadable MP3s to a weekly podcast to get you in the groove. This CD was a real treat to listen to and it has gone in heavy rotation here at Rock and Roll Report HQ. Whatever turns you on indeed…Works for me.

album cover THE PIPER DOWNS: Varying Degrees Of Failure And TunelessnessUnforgettable, unmistakable, relentless power pop- Jimmy ate the World and it had a Foo Fighter aftertaste.

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  1. This cd is Greeeeeat! From Start to finish this CD had me going. Most of the time you purchase a CD, and your happy if you get 1-3 tracks off the darn thing…. this CD however is the exception to the rule….

    I then went to see them live, and was blown away … even better in person then on the record.

    These people are going to make it BIG TIME!!!!

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