Record Review: The Sails (Rainbow Quartz)

To say that The Beatles had an impact on rock and roll is a major understatement but amongst all the bands that they had a major influence on was The Byrds. That influence then further percolated down the rock and roll food chain to bands like Big Star and R.E.M. and it has found a ready and willing receptacle amongst the members of UK band The Sails. Sounding like the long lost brother of Rubber Soul or Revolver, The Sails debut album is an amzingly coherent collection of cool power pop hooks and jangly Rikenbacker guitar. While I was immediately struck with lead-off track See Myself and the follw-up The Slow Down (click to download), the centerpiece song for me is no doubt Can You Hear Me with it’s “Rain” like bass riff and impeccable production. An absolute masterpiece and a worthy addtion to the “keep it on repeat” Hall of Fame. Head over the the Rainbow Quartz Store and pick up a copy today.