Record Review: The Winnerys – Daily Urban Times (Rainbow Quartz Records)

The_winnerys Does Rainbow Quartz Records have all the cool Spanish power pop bands locked into long term contracts or what? And its probably high time that Rickenbacker Guitars pay the label a percentage of their profits because they are singlehandedly keeping the cool Byrds-like jangle of a 12 string Rick alive and kicking. The label does it once again with Spanish band The Winnerys, a band that will make any self-respecting Beatles fan scream in thanks as they listen to all 15 tracks on their 2006 release “Daily Urban Times.”

To say that this record is influenced by the Beatles is to state the obvious but holy shit is it uncanny how it both invokes memories of the band while not sounding like a complete retro act. With crisp instrumentation and killer 3 part vocal harmonies you would swear these guys were from Liverpool! Have a listen to the lead off track Get Into My Life and the following Big Times (click to download) and you will see what I mean. And if those didn’t convince you get yourself a copy and check out “Mr. Cupid’s Puppet Show” which could easily have been a last minute cut from Sgt. Peppers or Magical Mystery Tour.

All in all, I really enjoyed this “2006 looks back at 1966” album not so much for waht it evoked in my memory banks as to how it affected my “smile-o-meter.” Listening to “No Longer White” I thought to myself “man, they no longer make music like this anymore” until I realized that indeed they still do, thanks to bands like the Winnerys. Makes me want to head to Carnaby Street if it wasn’t such a tourist trap these days. Cool stuff.