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Redlight release Astronauts on 21/01/2013

AstronautsThe mainstream music world seems to be driven or at least shaped by the multimedia industry more and more as it is shaped by the entertainment industry while it progresses into modern times. Due to this, everything needs a genre label to allow it to slip into a specific category for ease of labelling. Life is rarely that black and white so what we end up with is a vast pile of artists who get tagged with a variety of labels. I could ramble on endlessly on this subject, as there are so many good examples of this in the television, movie, and music world. This article is about just one band and their forthcoming release  that is such a fine example of a musical crossover which creates a musical fusion which is both unique and magnificent. I have introduced you to this band called Redlight before and they have this exceptional new album release which is due to be released on the 21st of January 2013. The first time that I covered and interviewed Redlight was way back in February 2010, this article can be found Here

To give you a quick recap, Redlight began to form way back in 2002 when two musicians called Guy and Laurent met in London and formed a musical project called Interstellar Wave Watchers. IWW was rock driven and Guy and Laurent wrote many songs before Dape joined them when they formed Redlight in 2007. This was to fuse all of their influences which ranged from electro to blues, rock and hip hop. Not long after this they realised that they had enough material to release an album and so they released Crash System Control. Redlight have a diverse range of influences which all help to drive their creativity. Laurent describes them as Pink Floyd meeting The Beasty Boys while having a drink with Pearl Jam. I would like to add a few more to this but then the list would be almost endless. In early 2010 Redlight released their Whats Going On EP, which is superb.


On the 21st of January 2013 Redlight will be releasing another full length album called Astronauts. This superb release takes through an emotionally musical thrill ride as it paints a musical picture which draws you into its sea of sound and styles. I had been eagerly awaiting this release for some time and recently received a copy of it. I have to admit that when I first heard this album it stopped me right in my tracks. It takes an exceptional album to do this and to emphasise my elation, my initial playback of Astronauts genuinely brought a tear or two of joy to my eyes! I can honestly say that you never really know what to expect from Redlight apart from sheer quality. Their creativity would appear to be endless.

Astronauts is an eleven track treat and musical thrill ride which will seduce, excite, tantalise and pacify you but not necessarily in that order. The ride starts as soon as you hit the play button. Faulty Track starts the musical roller coaster superbly with driven rhythms and chilled choruses which combine with an almost electro style back beat to create a magnificent tune which is a true beauty of musical fusion. Charlie Chaplin Disco Mobile follows which is very catchy alternate rock song with a hint of disco feel. You can have an exclusive listen to this track on the Deuce Radio Show, Redlight starts at 18 minutes into the show and this song starts at 19.45. Next up is an enticing song which embraces a little hip hop style called Take A Sit. Then we get a slightly melancholic intro leading into a song which gently builds up to a sound is not too dissimilar to Springsteen style stadium rock, this gorgeous track is called Dust. Then we get another soother, Snowline. This time just a little more smulchy as Londres smoothly croons the vocals and lays them over a lovely gentle tune. The style changes again as This World follows on, it’s another gentle masterpiece with some superb brass work added into it. Fireman then kicks in which combines a little hip hop and rock. There is a touch of angst in this short but sweet song. I Know (The Moon) follows with a touch of eastern influence in the intro. This tune is a little more upbeat while being very catchy and once again has some beautifully subtle brass sounds added into its rhythms. Then we are rock’n’rolling from the start of I Am Revenge, this tune once again fuses rock with a hint of hip hop. As you may guess from the title there is a touch of driven unrest in this song which builds the tempo up perfectly as it leads into Backward Evolution. This starts off with a strong punchy stadium rock style and is a very powerful song. There are some backing vocals on choruses and this song has a strong inflection of unease and more than a hint of anger. As I said, it is a very powerful tune. To come or calm down from this, Astronaut is the next song. It is a luscious prologue to the whole album, quite retrospectively melancholic and blissfully alluring. To finalise the musical excursion we get a short bonus track called Comet which seems to surmise the entire album and leads out in a gloriously gorgeous fashion.

Astronauts is such a superb excursion through so many musical emotions, it fuses such a wide variety of styles. Astronauts is eclectically electric and thoroughly engaging. The songwriting and musical arrangements along with the musicianship are all faultless and it has been produced to an exceptionally high standard. Astronauts should not be overlooked by anyone. It is being released through M & O Music.

You can listen to a thirty second sample of the intro to each track and purchase through this link to Amazon. 

I will rate Astronauts from Redlight as 9.5/10 but on a personal level I would take this up to beyond 10, it is more than worthy of this.