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CD Review: Luke Wesley “Because We Never Talk About It”

It is not all that easy finding piano songs that rock out these days. Luke Wesley is poised to change all that with his remarkably enjoyable debut, “Because We Never Talk About It”. Born and raised in Shelby, Ohio, Wesley is now heating up the singer/songwriter scene in New York.

“Because We Never Talk About It” is an infectious pop rock record, plain and simple. Wesley knows how to draw the listener in with catchy piano beats and witty lyrics. He has great instincts for pop and strives to place a tantalizing hook in each song he puts to tape. It is easy to compare him to legends like Billy Joel or Elton John, but there is an air about Wesley that will draw comparisons to Ben Folds as well. His vocals are clear and warm, somewhere between Marc Cohn and Will Hoge.

The songs on “Because We Never Talk About It” are generally upbeat and bouncy, virtually guaranteed to place you in a brighter mood. Wesley wanted to capture his energetic live sound and I think it obvious that has been achieved. The lyrics shoot from the hip, and Wesley succeeds in articulating the honesty that many of us would if we had the courage, often with clever tongue-in-cheek humor. There are many highlights, but for me the cream of the crop include “Pretty Boy”, “Here Is Your Ballad”, and “Sorry I’m Not Hotter”.

A solid piano pop rock record, “Because We Never Talk About It” is a most impressive debut – this CD is going to monopolize my player for months to come. The album was released on June 1, 2010 by Engine Room Recordings. Don’t miss it if you like Ben Folds, Josh Fix, or The Fray.

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