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Rock and Roll Record Label Spotlight: Norton Records

“Where the loud sound abounds” is how Norton Records describe themselves and boy they’re not kidding! They have got so much incredible rock ‘n’ roll that you can’t possibly get bored of this label. From garage band masters of the past The Sonics and The Wailers to Andre Williams backed by current garage faves The Green Hornets to some really cool archival radio broadcasts featured on “Norton 300 Mad Daddy – Wavy Gravy! Atom Smashin’ Zoomeratin’ Mello Jello Radio Broadcasts 1958-1964” Norton has something that is bound to buzz your brain. Check ‘em out. You can order their massive 80 page catalog here featuring tons of records, books, magazines and generally cool rock and roll stuff that you will wonder how you ever got by without. A definite musical necessity for all you rock ‘n rollers. And check out their smutty vintage paperbacks! Cool.