Rock and Roll Report Blitz: Astronaut Academy

astronaut-academy.jpgThe current leader for the band that went from unknown to me to being played on Rock and Roll Report Radio is now held by Los Angeles’ based Astronaut Academy. The band actually contacted me last week so I checked them out and immediately I knew that Back to Then would be the perfect song to close out Monday night’s show. As a veteran of a number of well known LA bands, Jeff Dunham has put together a real gem in my books with this band. Have a listen to Mayday and Monkeyman 956 if you want to rock out but the start to Back to Then still gives me the goosebumps. It’s just one of those songs.

Check out their tracks on MySpace at and you can decide for yourself.




  1. I agree, one of those song’s that just keep’s you replaying it…
    This band will be going places…

    Nice Job Mark.

    Sharon Vaughn

  2. WOW,
    What a great find Mark.
    after reading about them on the RnR report,
    I checked out their site. I can’t get enough,
    I bought the album from their site and
    have had it on ever since, Thanks Man.

    Matt Lindey

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