Rock and Roll Report Blitz! Food


Food has the distinction of having a song played on back to back Rock and Roll Report Podcasts. Why? Quite simply the two songs I played rocked but almost sounded like they came from two different bands, something that I thought was very, very cool.

The first song played on Podcast #12 was Sensation Addict, an almost perfect blend of a hard rocking riff, more cowbell and snarling vocals. The second song played on Podcast #13 was Did I do Right This Time which sounds like early Glam-era David Bowie backed by Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys and yet that too worked. Hailing from London, these guys quite simply combine some of the best attributes of rock’s past glories with todays modern embellishments and lyrical prowess (have a listen to Whose God?) to make the whole package feel right, especially at high volume!

We all need Food to survive and I could certainly go for awhile on a diet of this band. Great stuff and highly recommended. Check out their MySpace page at

You can download their album from Echospin at