Rock and Roll Report Podcast #13: Here We Go Again!


This week marks the first back to back podcasts in awhile and I hopefully will be able to stick to a more consistent podcast a week instead of 2-3 a month. This week’s podcast is all over the rock and roll map with power pop, hard rock, punk, “indie rock” (for want of a better description) all meshing together in a fine rock and roll stew.

As usual, all the bands and artists are either unsigned or on independent record labels and yet they all rock consistently and further my argument that commercial rock radio is missing out on some incredible music as they remain a slave to the advertising controlled corporate playlist.

If you want to drop a comment or suggest a band, email me at or leave a voice comment on the comment line at 206-339-3646.

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Here is what I played:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. Here We Go Again by The Galaxies
  3. Somebody Like You by the V-Project
  4. Guns by Handsome Devil
  5. Sick and Tired by American Heartbreak
  6. Life and Debt by The Martyr Index
  7. Did I Do Right This Time by Food
  8. All At Once by Blood Red Sun
  9. This Letter Bomb by Echo Screen
  10. Here by Way To Go Einstein
  11. Battle of the Band by The Brixton Riot
  12. On Broken Wings by Revolver
  13. Rock and Roll Report Outro by Featured on Fridays

As I mentioned on the podcast, The Martyr Index have a new CD out called Molotov Rocktail that is available as a free download here:

If you liked any of the bands below you can click on their CD pic and order a copy for yourself thereby making your ears happy and supporting the bands we play on the Rock and Roll Report Podcast.

THE GALAXIES: Here We Go!V-PROJECT: New MachineHANDSOME DEVIL: Fully AutomaticAMERICAN HEARTBREAK: You Will Not Be Getting Paid $
BLOOD RED SUN: A Nation Of SaviorsWAY TO GO EINSTEIN: Hide and Seek ChampionTHE BRIXTON RIOT: Sudden Fiction

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