Rock and Roll Report Podcast #26 – Just Play it Loud OK?

Man was I ever a chatty Cathy on this podcast! Geez! But it doesn’t get in the way (too much) of the amazing rock and roll played on this week’s show. A bit of hard rock, a bit of powerpop and a whole lot of great music is what The Rock and Roll Report Podcast is all about and I hope you enjoyed the show.

On our left is friend of The Rock and Roll Report Shannon as she waits for a cab in her hometown of Cleveland right opposite their Hard Rock Cafe. A booker for local and national bands in the Cleveland area, Shannon lives and breathes rock and roll making her a Triple R Girl though and through. Hello Cleveland!

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And here is what I played. Don’t be shy and click on all the band’s websites and check out where they are playing. Maybe they are coming to your neck of the woods and you can check them out.

Thanks for listening! I’ll catch you next week.

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. Welcome to Hell by Rhino Bucket – Buy it on Rhino Bucket - And Then It Got Ugly - Welcome to Hell
  3. Down by Bobnoxious – Buy it on Bobnoxious - SuperScar - Down
  4. Stiletto (Need Some Action) by the Boss Martians
  5. All the Time by Chained Fate
  6. The Opener by the Sophmore JakesBuy it on Sophmore Jakes - Sophmore Jakes - The Opener
  7. Love Me When I Leave by The Dares
  8. Opium by PowderhogBuy it on Powderhog - Powderhog - Opium
  9. January by The SwearBuy it on The Swear - Every Trick's a Good One - EP - January
  10. Not In Love by Spin
  11. Right or Reason by The Blissters
  12. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured on Fridays