Rock and Roll Report Podcast #29 – Kiss the Monkey…

It’s been a crazy week with natural and man made disasters hitting all corners of the globe it seemed and to top it all off I have been super busy with all kinds of stuff so this week’s podcast was recorded at the absolute last minute but I believe it is another corker (what, I am going to say it is shit? LOL).

This week we sample so new bands, at least to me as well as some old favourites as we look to give ourselves a break from the constant doom and gloom in the news.

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Here is what I played this week.

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. Devil To Pay by The V-Rats
  3. Candy Caine by DC4Buy it on DC4 - Expode - Candy Caine
  4. Kiss The Monkey by Blacklist UnionBuy it on Blacklist Union - Breakin Bread With the Devil - Kiss the Monkey
  5. Ballad of Billy Rose by 16 Second StareBuy it on 16 Second Stare - Red Carpet Material - Ballad of Billy Rose
  6. Gonna Be Alright by A Lick & a Promise
  7. Beside Me by Mindwalk Blvd.Buy it on Mindwalk Blvd - Paint the Seconds - Beside Me
  8. Mayday by Tenspoke IndiesBuy it on Tenspoke Indies - Blinded By the Sound - Mayday
  9. Chased You Away by Kill the CameraBuy it on Kill the Camera - Kill the Camera - Chased You Away
  10. You Should Run by Sleepercar – Buy it on Sleepercar - West Texas - You Should Run
  11. Welfare Nation by The Juice
  12. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured on Fridays

Thanks for listening!