Rock and Roll Report Podcast #30 – A Look Back Over Our Collective Shoulder

This week’s podcast marks the first time that I have ever played the same songs more than once on the Rock and Roll Report Podcast. Why? Well for whatever reason, hitting podcast #30 made me all nostalgic and I started listening to some of the old shows and still digging the tunes. I then realized that it would be fun to revisit these songs while perhaps introducing newer listeners to some bands from older podcasts they might not have had the chance to hear.

So with that idea, the next three podcasts will be a look back to the Rock and Roll Report Podcast’s past while taking a look forward to its future, a future that is looking brighter and more exciting with every passing week.

And I would be remiss if I did not introduce you to Tricia on our left who is a great friend of the Rock and Roll Report. Nice guitar Tricia!

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Here is what I played this week:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. All Night by EndeverafteR from Podcast #7 (the Sex and Rock ‘n’ Roll Podcast!)
  3. Explode Tonight by Heap from Podcast #9
  4. Kids by Nooner from Podcast# 3
  5. Sex66 by The Atomic Swindlers from Podcast #1
  6. Complicated Girl by American Anthem from Podcast #11 (a feature on Fastlane Records)
  7. Somebody Like You by The V-Project from Podcast# 13
  8. Mind Over Matter by Marvel from Podcast# 6
  9. Unknown Destination by The Fores from Podcast# 9
  10. Good Storm by the Mainliners from Podcast# 1
  11. You Brought It On Yourself by Annex from Podcast# 11
  12. Rock and Roll Report Outro by Featured on Fridays

Well that’s it for this week. Stop by and have a listen next week as we hit Part 2 of a dip into the Rock and Roll Report Podcast archives and a look forward to the future!

Thanks for listening.