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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #49 – Boogie Up!

These last few weeks have played havoc with my podcasting schedule as so much non-Rock and Roll Report stuff has gone down that I just haven’t had the chance to put together a string of weekly podcasts for what seems like forever. Hopefully as things calm down I will be able to get back to a more consistent schedule but until that time I really do apologize for the erratic schedule and I thank you all for subscribing and listening to the show.

I have tons of new music to listen to and absorb and it still amazes me to this day how so much great music is not picked up by mainstream media but such is life. We podcasters and bloggers will pick up the torch and carry it high.

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As always you can contact me at or drop a voice comment on the listener line at 206-339-8700. In addition, if you are a musician who would like to submit your music to the site we have a new submission email address at Please ensure that your MP3s are at the highest bitrate possible and that they are properly tagged with the song information. Include a bio sheet with your submission as well if possible so we can get to know more about ya!

Here are the songs I played this week:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. Boogie Up by Paperback Freud
  3. Love You Like an Animal by Top Johnny!
  4. Dirty Little Secret by The V-Rats
  5. Anger Is Creeping by Special Ops
  6. Shadow Valley by 4Lyn
  7. Catfight by Hear Kitty Kitty
  8. Stuttering by Basia Lyjak
  9. Yeah Right Now by Hemmit
  10. You Don’t Care by Shake SomeAction!
  11. Lead With your Lips by The Neighborhood Bullys
  12. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured on Fridays

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TOP JOHNNY!: Top Johnny!SPECIAL OPS: Phase 2: Amidst The MadnessHEMMIT: RocketRideSHAKE SOME ACTION!: Sunny Days AheadTHE NEIGHBORHOOD BULLYS: What?