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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #52 – You Blow My Mind!

rhian-07This week I managed to string two podcasts together in two weeks! Woo hoo! Hopefully I can get back to the weekly schedule ASAP.

I had a blast putting together this week’s podcast as there is some stuff that is definitely different and I have only ever played one band before (Pirate Radio Station).

As usual I encourage you to check out the band’s myspace and web pages and drop comments of support. And if you really like what you hear please but the band’s music so they can make more of it!

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This is what I played this week:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured On Fridays
  2. Sticky Situations by Poison Arrows– Buy it on Poison Arrows - Sticky Situations - EP - Sticky Situations
  3. Dance (In The Forest) by Mimi and the Groove Add X– Buy it on Mimi & the Groove Add - X - Lounge Rock - Dance (In the Forest)
  4. Summertime by Pirate Radio Station
  5. Neckface by Wounded Buffalo Theory– Buy it on Wounded Buffalo Theory - It's Alright Is Not Alright - Neckface
  6. Pressure by Special Ops– Buy it on Special Ops - Arterial Motives (Songs From: Through the Heart of the Infidel) - Pressure
  7. You Blow My Mind by Tattooed Millionaires
  8. Burn by Mad Temple
  9. Rust Bucket by One Bad Son
  10. We Talk Like Strangers by Goodnight LA!– Buy it on Goodnight LA - We Talk Like Strangers - We Talk Like Strangers
  11. Fish by Buddhuza– Buy it on Buddhuza - New Demos / Nowhere - Fish
  12. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured On Fridays

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