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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #56 – A Cheaper Kind of Love

hilton and spearsAfter taking a week away from audio to get Rock and Roll Report TV launched I am back on board the Rock and Roll Report Podcast jet plane and buzzing over some amazing rock and roll. None of the bands played on this podcast have ever been played before on the podcast and my usual reaction prevailed as I listened to these tracks namely “Why have I not heard this stuff before?”

I tried to mix it up this week with a nice dose of the heavy, the punky and the power poppy because that to me is what is most fun about rock and roll, the sheer variety of the music. I hope you like that aspect of rock and roll and if you don’t, just wait a few minutes and something else will come on. Who knows, you might even like something you would never have given the time of day to before? If that happens, let me know!

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This is what I played this week:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. A Cheaper Kind of Love by Emily and the Orgasm Addicts – Buy it on Emily And The Orgasm Addicts - Emily and the Orgasm Addicts - A Cheaper Kind of Love
  3. Bad Days by Exit State – Buy it on Exit State - Bad Days Single - Bad Days
  4. Slow Burn by Burning Earth
  5. Bulletcatcher by My Dear Enemy – Buy it at My Dear Enemy - My Dear Enemy - Bulletcatcher
  6. Heal My Eyes by Ashtray – Buy it at Ashtray - End This - Heal My Eyes
  7. Thunder by Flanelhed – Buy it at flanelhed - Amnesia - Thunder
  8. Fireflies In a Jar by The Gilligans – Buy the album at The Gilligans - My Name Is Willy
  9. Nice Hair Nice Face by The Auteur – Buy it at The Auteur - Nightcap - EP - Nice Hair, Nice Face
  10. Spill by Nushu – Buy it at Nushu - Nevermind Lullabye - Spill
  11. Gods & Gentlemen by Drink Up Buttercup – Buy it at Drink Up Buttercup - Mr. Pie Eyes - Single - Gods and Gentlemen (Demo)
  12. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured on Fridays

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Thanks so much for listening. See you next week!


3 replies on “Rock and Roll Report Podcast #56 – A Cheaper Kind of Love”

As always this podcast is wicked ….

Love ya choice in bands and tunzs….they all come together to make “Ear Candy” sweet…….

Thanks sunshine x

Excellent Podcast Mark !

Music flowed nicely & no, it was not to “HARD” for me….(((Grins)))
You always did have a knack for the music flowing together
rather it be mellow, or hard rock…
you definitely have a talent for bringing your fans great tunez,
as well as a nice voice that’s a pleasure to listen to…..

Look forward to the next……
Been a fan since day 1

Rock On !

~Sharon Vaughn

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