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Rock and Roll Report Radio Playlist for July 13, 2009 Featuring Ashtray

ashtrayOn July 13th I had special guests Ashtray in the studio with me for Rock and Roll Report Radio on the Drastic Plastic Program on CKUT 90.3 FM. We had a blast talking rock and roll, playing live in Montreal and beyond and what it takes to be in a band in 2009. And to top it all off the band played a few live tunes in the studio.

Always remember that you can go to the CKUT archives at and select the Drastic Plastic Program for July 13th and download or listen to the show as a stream and enjoy it if you missed it live.

The band has graciously provided me with 5 CDs to give away so if you are interested, email me at and tell me where each band member is from. You will have to listen to the show but it is in there. Make sure you mark “Ashtray” in the subject line of your email.

In addition to having Ashtray in the studio I played a number of other cool bands.

This is what I played:

  1. Mission to Rock by Cockpit
  2. Fear by Silent Treatment
  3. Wasterride by Mad Temple
  4. Mix It Up by My Machine
  5. RustBucket by One Bad Son
  6. Heal My Eyes by Ashtray
  7. Intoxicated by Ashtray
  8. Behind the Mirror by Ashtray (live)
  9. New Beginning by Ashtray (live)
  10. Rise by Ashtray

Thanks for listening!