Rock and Roll Report Radio Playlist for July 15, 2009

ckut.jpgI was stoked to have Rigamarole in the studio with me this month and it is just such a rush listening to live music being played in the studio! We chatted about what the band is up to, played some studio tracks and let them tear uip the studio for a couple of numbers. We even gave away tickets to the Montreal New York Dolls show!

This is what I played (since I forgot to announce the tracks on the air!):

  1. Shake Me by Taddy Porter
  2. Rust Bucket by One Bad Son
  3. Keep Me From Drinkin’ by Riverboat Gamblers
  4. Free by Broken Man
  5. My So Called Friend by Kris Bell
  6. Three Black Cats by Rigamarole
  7. Tale of the Coin (Live) by Rigamarole
  8. Preacher (Live) by Rigamarole
  9. St. Jerome (Live) by Rigamarole
  10. Tale of the Coin (Studio) by Rigamarole

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