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Rock and Roll Report Radio Playlist for June 18, 2007

joeyreynolds-small.jpgWell I conducted the six month rock and roll review last night on Rock and Roll Report Radio and played a selection of songs that I have featured since January. You know, it is very difficult for me to do a show like this because all of the songs I play on Rock and Roll Report Radio are played because I like them. There is no pressure from the station, or advertisers or record labels for me to play my stuff. I play what I like, always have, always will.

As I go through my playlist I once again shake my head at how so much great music can fall through the cracks in this day and age. Luckily, the advent of sites like MySpace, Pandora and Last.FM make it easier to find new music and certainly The Rock and Roll Report is just a tiny spot on the music blogosphere but it is astonishing that commercial mainstream rock radio does not give this stuff any significant airplay. Based on the feedback that I have been getting, the reaction to the bands and artists featured on The Rock and Roll Report and Rock and Roll Report Radio would slot in quite well in any truly forward thinking, hip rock radio station playlist that actually cares about the music. There are still some around but their numbers, like independent record stores, are unfortunately dwindling away before our eyes.

Anyhow, this is what I played last night. Visit the various band websites, listen to some of their tracks and if you like what you hear, buy their CD (if the album title is clickable on my playlist you can buy it directly through The Rock and Roll Report and support both the band in question and this very website!) or go to one of their shows. It’s what puts the butter on their bread and what encourages them to keep rocking. Blaring rock and roll in the summertime, can there be anything better?


  1. Because I’m AwesomeBecause I’m AwesomeThe Dollyrots
  2. You Brought It On Yourself – Tatooed Millionaires – The Annex (Not yet released)
  3. Sex66Coming Out Electric Atomic Swindlers
  4. Back of the LineLight ‘Em UpThe Fags
  5. Kill the SummerAlways Is Never the SameDead City Riots
  6. Bright SideHarder and HarderThe Paybacks
  7. Friends Like YouConvictsYou Am I
  8. Don’t Let Me In – Push It Nationwide – The Sleepers
  9. Good Storm – The Mainliners – The Mainliners
  10. Chop You DownBare Bones The Blessings
  11. Panic Attack At Breakfast – Anglophile Music Vol. 1 – Helen Stellar
  12. Before Its Over02Rotten Cheri
  13. Inflatable GirlPoets & Pornstars Poets & Pornstars

drastic plastic 128kbps Podcast (link good for one week from date of broadcast)

Thanks for listening! See you next week on the 3 Amigos show to continue my look back at the last 6 months of Rock and Roll Report Radio.



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Hey- I have a question that I needed to ask you….

My band “Worx” got picked up by a local radio station WAVH 106.5 The PIrate back in 2007. We have been playing their events for free, in return we get airplay and other considerations. I have this in writing as well. I can’t always “monitor” the station, or record the streaming online. Isn’t there a way to check and see if they are holding up to their part of the deal? I have been reading about these “reports” that get sent to BMI and ASCAP. Is there a way to see what this radio station is actually playing without having to just walk in their studio and confront them?

Thanks for your time……

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