Rock and Roll Report Radio Playlist for November 20th, 2006

Well, except for a minor microphone problem at the beginning of the show I think it wen’t pretty well. Check my previous post for info on how to download the show for this week only. After that you can listen to it but only streaming from the CKUT website.

As I mentioned on the show, I came across all of these bands except for the Blue Van in the last month and had never heard any of the songs played before yet already they are constantly played at home and on my iPod. Who dares say rock is dead! Here’s what I played (Song/Band/Album):

  1. "Monkey" – Poets & Pornstars – S/T (Karmagun Records 2006): LA’s favourite band and with songs like this I can see why. Uptempo, cool lyrics, excellent production. The perfect song to kick off the show. What woman can resist being asked to be your monkey baby?
  2. "Sin" – Daphne – S/T (Indie 2006): Named after the cute one from Scooby Doo (come on guys admit it!), this song has been in heavy rotation in my brain since I got it about a week ago. I love this tune, a great car song.
  3. "Tweaking the Fine Tune" – Jonathan Bright – Radio Free Tennessee (Indie 2004): Everybody I have played this song for has loved it. Amazing EP. Really cool stuff. Another keeper.
  4. "She’s An Elevator" – Galore – Amplifier (Bhurr Records 2006): What can I say? This song hooked me within about 2 seconds and when I saw that it was produced by Moe Berg of Pursuit of Happiness fame I quickly new why. Formed from the ashes of several Canadian bands including the late, great Cool Blue Halo, this song to me represents a lot of what I love in my rock and roll. Amazing stuff.
  5. "Tonight" – The Fags – Light ‘Em Up (Idol Records 2006): With a name like The Fags you’d better be good and these guys from Detroit are just that. The first single is "Rockstar" but I love "Tonight." Sounds like a raunchy Cheap Trick track.
  6. "Someone Else’s Name" – Red Seven – Anywhere But Here (Indie 2006) – I loved the way I came across this band through a recommendation from a podcaster and I cannot believe that they are both unsigned and that this song is not huge on commercial rock radio. A real shame.
  7. "She Put the Shock (In My Rock and Roll)" – Crash Kelly – Electric Satisfaction (Bhurr Records 2006): Produced by Gilby Clarke, this Toronto band is great, classic hook-laden hard rock. This song is another classic hard rock tale of girl gone bad. Check out their website. Cool stuff.
  8. "Come On Back, Angeline" – The Snitches – Black Book (Indie 2005): Amazing Montreal band. Amazing album. Hard to choose what to play but this song is just fantastic.
  9. "Don’t Slander Me" – The DT’s – Hard Soul Hits Volume 1(Get Hip 2006): I don’t know what is more impressive: the incredibly cool selection of a Roky Ericson song to cover or Diana Young-Blanchard’s voice. Powerful stuff. Pure heart and soul. Incredible.
  10. "Drink in Her Hand" – The Blessings – Bare Bones (Basementboy Records 2006): I love this song because it’s so visual. You can just see this drunk chick in your mind. Great country-tinged rock and roll that reminds me of Sticky Fingers/Exile-era Stones.
  11. "Independence" – The Blue Van – Dear Independence (TVT Records 2006): Original rock and roll from Holland. I love these guys. This album is a follow up to one of my favourite records last year, their debut "Art of Rolling."
  12. "Louise" – Mondo Topless – Take it Slow (Get Hip 2006): The garage rock kings are back with an incredible version of the little played Paul Revere and the Raiders classic. Great background vocals.
  13. "City Beat" – Jana Peri – Catching Flies With Vinegar (Hot Jupiter Records 2006): All New Yawk attitude. Cool lyrics, great guitar. This comes from a very strong record that I have been playing quite a bit at Rock and Roll Report HQ.
  14. "Feelin’ Alright" – Stimulator – S/T (Indie 2005): I wasn’t quite sure about this band with their heavy electronic dance beats and stuff but once in awhile you have to venture outside your comfort zone and Stimulator is pretty cool. Reminds me a bit of Missing Persons (remember them?) and "Feelin’ Alright" is an amazingly hooky song that sticks in your brain as soon as you have heard it.
  15. "Mr. Cupid’s Puppet Show" – The Winnerys – Daily Urban Times (Rainbow Quartz 2006): It’s 1967 all over again with this amazing Spanish band. If you love the Beatles you will love the Winnerys.

There you have it. Next show is on December 4th, 2006. Thanks for listening and I’ll catch you on the air again soon.