Rock and Roll Report Radio Playlist on CKUT FM for January 22, 2007

Well it was nice to kick off 2007 with a great, glitch-free show and last night’s edition of Rock and Roll Report Radio was as usual just a great way to spend an hour. As always, the show featured a bunch of indie bands and artists who, for whatever reason cannot seem to get played on commercial "rock" radio for all the usual reasons. I managed to cram in 15 songs into the hour from bands in both Canada and the U.S., the UK and Denmark. There was a mixture of new songs from bands I’ve played before, new bands that I have just come across and some unreleased stuff that is almost about to be on a CD at your favourite independent record store. I also tried to feature my usual mixture of garage/power-pop/hard rock/punky/classic rock in a tasty and satisfying rock and roll stew. Hope you liked listening to the stuff as much as I enjoyed playing it. And don;t forget that for the next week you can download the podcast from the archives. Just select "Drastic Plastic" from the list for January 22nd and have a listen. Here is what I played:

Artist – Album – Song

The Blessings – Bare Bones – Chop You Down
The Fags – Light ‘Em Up! – Back of the Line
Joan Jett – Sinner – AC/DC
The Hedrons – One more Won’t Kill Us – I Need You
High School Sweethearts – Heels ‘n Wheels – Afterschool Special
The 88 – Over and Over – Battle Scar
Dragstrip Kitty – Unreleased – Over
Galore – Amplifier – Favourite Song
The Snitches – Black Book – Let Me Go Round
Helen Stellar – I’m Naut What I Seem – Panic Attack at Breakfast
Poets and Pornstars – S/T – Get Your Kicks
Daphne – S/T – Crush
One Bad Son – Unreleased – Sun-Fire
Kill Van Kull – Edge of Sunrise – Kick ‘Em and Smile
Dollar Sent – S/T – Hey Yeah

Thanks for listening.

Until next month.