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Rock and Roll Report TV Episode 1 – Welcome to the Golden Gods Awards!

A-colour-TV-camera-is-dem-002Welcome to the first installment of Rock and Roll Report TV. Initially based out of Los Angeles, Rock and Roll Report TV takes you along with us as we check out some amazing bands, go to some really cool clubs and gigs, and basically have a blast showcasing as much cool rock and roll as we can.

Our first episode finds our intrepid Rock and Roll Report TV host Leah Cevoli at the Golden Gods Music Awards held recently in LA where she prowled the “black carpet” on the outlook for some cool bands that you might want to check out.

Rock and Roll Report TV is the result of the work of a number of very cool and very passionate music fans. Let me introduce you to our hosts and in future RRR TV posts we will take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the team behind the cameras.

Leah Anne CevoliLeah Cevoli is one of our hosts and a resident of Los Angeles, California. A Philly native, Leah Ann Cevoli left the East Coast for the bright lights of Los Angeles shortly after college to pursue a life in the entertainment biz. Her first West Coast successes included the founding of Burst Music, through which she produced and hosted hundreds of rock n’ roll concerts and red carpet-charity events. Though still hosting events regularly, Leah gave up Burst Music to focus instead on her acting and writing careers.

As an actress- both on-camera and voice-over – Leah has held regular and recurring roles on such high-profile television series as HBO’s acclaimed “Deadwood” and the Cartoon Network’s hilariously snarky “Robot Chicken”.

No stranger to rock n’ roll, Leah has been a long-time member of the touring circuit: slugging merchandise for Great White in 1999; providing essential fan-relations for Poison and Ratt in 1999; and most recently (2007) running the show as Tour Manager for “Rockstar Supernova” winner, Lukas Rossi.

A published poet and Writing Coordinator for SAG Foundations’ autobiography project, “We The Children”, Leah promises that she enjoys much more than writing, acting and music. She adores meeting new people; kissing and cuddling; being an emotional girl; finding inner-peace with yoga; seeing the country on road trips; and most of all, searching for her one true love- a sexy, creative, productive and beautifully tattooed rockstar.

AR smileOur other host on Rock and Roll Report TV is Allegra Riggio. Allegra  is a model, writer and television host. Born in New York to a Trinidadian mother of Indian descent, and American father of Italian and Polish heritage, she thrived in the diversity of the city. When Allegra was seven years old, her father recieved an appointment in the U.S. Foreign Service, and her family relocated to Sao Paolo, Brazil for two years. After his contract was up, they moved to South Florida, when Allegra was nine years old.

In 1993 she moved to South Beach, Florida, where the culture of nightlife was exploding. She worked and modeled during the day, and led the fabulous life at night. She was soon part of national advertising campaigns for contact lenses, touring with Julio Iglesias, and being featured in local fashion shows. It was not long before Allegra became a local celebrity, gracing the shot-on-site pages of every local magazine and newspaper, and being featured as one of Ocean Drive’s “Hottest Locals.”
Allegra also became one of the nightlife’s most recognizable and sought after nightclub lighting directors, and from 1998 onward was the favorite of the most popular DJs is the world. To name a few: Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, Pete Tong, and Sasha and Digweed.

In 2002, Allegra moved back to her hometown, New York. There, she bagan bringing her natural comedic wit, exotic looks, and attitude to on-camera hosting. She has been featured on mun2, HDnet, Nikki TV, the Alternative Oscars, and hosted UNDERGROUND:Miami, a documentary. Allegra also took over New York nightlife, and became the lighting director for such legendary event spaces as: Crobar, Spirit, Capitale, and Webster Hall, among others. She has a modeling cameo in Cocaine Cowboys; being featured as the face of the renaissance of South Beach.

Allegra has most recently appeared hosting and reporting for the Rock and Roll Report and Rock and Roll Report TV, as well as being featured as a model on and Also, she is head writer for a new travel series being pitched called “Travel Riot!”

Allegra sits on the associate’s board for the New York Foundling, and frequently organizes fundraising events for them and multiple other charities in New York, including: the Vietnam Relief Effort, and the Happy Hearts Fund.

Allegra currently resides in both Los Angeles and New York City.

We want you to feel engaged with RRR TV, to tag along with us as we visit clubs, interview up and coming bands and generally have a blast showcasing stuff we think is cool. We want you to have a real connection to RRR TV, to identify with our hosts, not as some TV star but as a partner in crime, another passionate rock and roll fan out to find what’s hot and what rocks.

We also want a sense of fun and honesty to permeate everything we do. We are doing RRR TV because we are passionate about what we are covering, not because we have been assigned something and are just going through the motions.

The bottom line is we want Rock and Roll Report TV to reflect the attitude and the sense of rebellion that makes good rock and roll so much fun to be a part of. And we want you to be able to see what we are talking about.

Welcome to Rock and Roll Report TV, your beacon through the smog of music television!

The Rock and Roll Report TV Team

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I watched Leah’s clip last night on her website and am really excited about this finally coming to fruition both for her and RnR Report. I first met her while she was actively working her Burst Music promotions and she is all you say she is and more.

I’m not familiar with Allegra…yet. But I’m looking forward to getting to know her thru her work here. Everything else RnR Report does is top-notch quality and I’m sure her contributions will be as well.

Of course, I’m up for anything that puts us ‘grrls behind the scenes’ on everyone’s RnR Report Radar!!

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