Rock and Roll Report TV: Stark–OH NO!

STARK’s first real music video resembles Blondie’s video for Union City Blue. Blondie is a big influence on STARK, as are the Pretenders and the Ramones. Shot and directed by Joe Covino. Edited by Marla Bugle-Clowncar. East Village Studios. To the song OH NO! from the CD Put It To Your Head released in January 2009. copyright Lani Ford/Kicking and Screaming Music (ASCAP). Live show footage shot at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC. Other stuff at Coney Island. Thanks to ChaCha’s/JT, Sideshow, and Coney Island USA. Also the Warriors at the tattoo shop and all the Coney locals who participated! Written by Lani Ford. Performed by former members Josette and Rob Endemann with Lani Ford. New members Joe Hogan and Eric Robel are featured.

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  1. Thanks so much for the write-ups! You rock! For those in the NYC area, please come out to The Annex June 16th at 8pm sharp to see us open for Triple Cobra from San Francisco.

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