Rock Critics Suck

According to Almost Famous by Evelyn McDonnell, rock criticism today is crap. According to the article, “some writers blame the decline in trenchant, in-the-trenches criticism on media’s increasing starry-eyed obsession with celebrities” and the fact that now the bands of today are so cloistered that critics can’t get near them to write about them, and even if they can they have no place to write those long, critical think pieces like they could during the glory days of Rolling Stone and The Village Voice. Of course, while mainstream rock criticism may be dying, nobody mentions the thousands of websites pumping out great stuff by writers in it for the love of the music and not the paycheck. And maybe just maybe those bands that are not currently accessible are not in fact the real bands carrying on the rock and roll revolution? Maybe the real future of rock and roll can be found in all those bands recording and touring for all those struggling indie labels with no real PR budget that actually require an effort to go and see and who are, strangely enough, more than accessible as long as you’re willing to ride in the van with them to the next gig 500 miles away. Maybe real rock and roll fans have turned to the ‘Net because they can’t stand smelling those freaking Calvin Klein perfume packs in every issue of Rolling Stone. Just a thought.