Wanna Be a Rock Star? Rock Label Seeking Unsigned/New Bands for ‘Anthem

(Press Release) U.S.-based hard rock label with national distribution seeking original compositions from new or up and coming millennium rock/metal acts, as well as any other rockers who have an anthematic rocker which
salutes the Rock & Metal genres for surviving as long as they have! The compilation will additionally feature name players from well-known rock/metal acts, and will hit stores in the late spring of 2009, and each participating band will receive promos upon release of the cd, as well as pic/bio in the cd booklet. Interested bands should submit a myspace (or other web link) with the specific tune they have in mind to anthemrock2008@yahoo.com


  1. Ozone is a nine piece band based in Akron Ohio. Imbued with the powers of funk and roll, and rock and soul this group was formed to help protect us all from the dangers of cosmically sucky music. Ozone present in the upper atmosphere filters potentially damaging ultraviolet light that could otherwise reach the Earth\’s surface. Down here on Earth they have rocked many audiences in over 17 NE Ohio venues, and you can get them for yours! -ozonetheband.com-

  2. If this is open to bands from anywhere, then check us out, we’re a four piece heavy rock band from Belfast city in Northern Ireland called Blackguard smile, the demo on myspace was recorded a long time back at the bands inception and was recorded for £100, although we feel it does’nt do us justice, the quality of the songs and what we’re all about, we hope still shine’s through.

  3. Hey, this is Patrick from Reborn, we’re a Heavy Metal Band from the west of Ireland. Check us out on Myspace at : http://www.myspace.com/rebornbandrocks

    Our EP was home recorded during the summer (new songs recorded over christmas) and we would like you to take a special look at “Patriot?”, “Forever Known” and “Those who Stand”.


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