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Sailing the Topographic Oceans

By rights I should hate progressive rock (prog rock). It’s often long winded, pretentious and boring. I mean, it inspired a bunch of kids to revolt against the whole genre and invent punk in response! But I don’t hate prog rock just like I don’t hate Toto or Loverboy. There are some songs that are great and some that truly suck, just like songs by The Ramones or Pearl Jam. And believe it or not, prog rock lives!
To begin our prog rock journey, start with Prog 4 You, billed as “Your doorway to progressive rock..” Filled with news, reviews and even offering their very own compilation CD “Progressive Rock for You” this site is loaded with great stuff and is great looking to boot. Continue on to Prog Rock, a really well done site with its own label run by a very prominent open source programmer. Really good stuff from up and coming bands are featured here. Finally, cap your trip off with a vist to Proglands, the Progressive Rock Encyclopedia. Wow, amazing site. And of course, each of these sites features a links section to even more sites. It’s enough to make you cry for joy (or weep in agony).
There you have it. Take it or leave it. The great thing about being a music fan in this day and age is that you can hop on the Internet and experience types of music that you normally would never consider. It’s cool, it’s fun and you just might be surprised at what you’ll find. Finally, you can show off that vintage “Brain Salad Surgery” album with pride.