Save Net Radio!

I have always championed any alternative to the bland commercial FM rock radio that we are currently stuck with. Non-commercial, community and satellite radio are giving us some great alternatives and podcasting is moving up big time but its the thousands of webcasters out there that really give people a chance to listen to some great rock and roll that is just not available to listen to anywhere else. Run by passionate music fans and featuring all sorts of genres, most webcasters are in it for the love and not the money which is why the recent ruling of the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) of the United States is such a tragedy.

The royalty rates proposed by the CRB will all but cripple these webcasters and put them out of business. If this concerns you (and if you read this site at all I’m sure that it does) check out the website Save Net Radio and oppose these onerous royalty rates. Its bad enough that big media rule the airwaves with an iron hand pumping out bland dross, let us not lose one of the only areas where we can still listen to great rock and roll played by passionate music fans who know what they are doing.