‘Set up the bar and set up the band’ – The guys of Limozine are experts at balancing work and good times

We all know that, generally, all forms of new music are just a whole pile of old styles thrown into a mixing pot, which is then stirred and blended while adding additional spices and condiments. Limozine take gratuitous doses of punk and rock n’ roll, mix them up into a truly intoxicating and unique format, before punching and snarling out of the mixing pot.

Singer Dean and guitarist Johnny are originally from the Midlands. They met in Coventry in the legendary Cabin Recording Studios through record producer Paul Sampson. Both heavily influenced by wild psychotic debris of previous rock eras, Dean and Johnny formed Limozine and began creating a rock n’ roll sound for the present. A few months later bassist Karl and drummer Tim joined the band.

Limozine’s debut album, Car Crash Casino, was recorded and mixed in just eight days and released in October 2007 on Open Plan Records. Clocking in at just twenty-seven minutes, the eleven-track album features live favorites ‘Russian Roulette’ and ‘King Cockroacher.’ In early 2009, Limozine began gigging regularly around London. In June, Limozine started their own, highly successful Rockin Bones Klub: a monthly club in Hammersmith with a rock n’ roll vibe, DJs and live bands.

Limozine released their first single, ’El Presidente’ and B-side Junkie Girlfriend’ in November 2009. The single was met with positive reviews from a wide range of online media and local press, and received spot plays on a wealth of regional, online and student stations. On the merit of their single, Limozine were featured as part of the Best of Myspace in October of last year and appeared live on London’s Balcony TV in December.

Limozine released their second album, Evil Love, in April of this year. The latest single called ‘Siamese Twins/Jennifer X’ has just been released and is from the third album, Full Service. The music that this terrific band make has a very busy ‘off the cuff’ feel to it and the speed of their creativity reflects this. Limozine’s songs are short and snappy with sharp snarling vocals, which add the strong hue of social threat. ‘Siamese Twin/Jennifer X’ brings this and the whole Limozine sound to a new level. Speaking personally, I just cannot get enough of this stuff. It may be a little brash and basic, but it is impossible to get bored of and all it leaves you wanting to do is to play it again, but play it LOUDER. To sum it all up, Limozine are a high octane mix of The Ramones, The Dead Kennedys and Iggy Pop, all cramped up and revved to the limit. Limozine keep the attitude of rock n’ roll alive and kicking

Dean recently took some time to talk all things Limozine.

Q: How did Limozine originally come together and what was your inspiration?

A: I met Johnny in Cabin Recording Studios in Coventry. We were both friends with producer Paul Sampson and both had a love of all things rock n’ roll. Especially The Cramps, The Ramones and the D4.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your Rocking Bones Club?

A: Our Rockin Bones Club has been going for about a year. It’s at the Albion in Hammersmith, West London. Limozine play live, we put on bands we like and Karl, the bassist, brings down his massive vinyl collection in the back of a transit van.

Q: Car Crash Casino was was recorded and mixed in only eight days. This must have been a little frantic – can you tell us a little about that?

A: The two golden rules of a Limozine recording session are set up the bar and set up the band. Car Crash Casino is only twenty-six minutes long and most of it was ready to go, so it was more fun than frantic. I didn’t want to be sat in front of a computer recording our stuff, so it was back to the old-school: record live, do a rough mix of a song and down the pub before closing time.

Q: Could you tell us a little about your more recent album, Evil Love?

A: The second album, Evil Love, took nine days to record and is twenty-seven minutes long. You could say we’re maturing, but it would be a lie. We spent more time outside of the studio getting Evil Love together, but in the studio it was more of the same. We just maxed up the sound and the attitude. I think songs like ‘You Da Boss’ and ‘El Presidente’ are some of the best songs we’ve recorded.

Q; Where would you like to see yourselves in 12 months time?

A: We recorded our third album over the summer. Our new single, ‘Siamese Twins,’ is the first song to be released from it on Nov 22nd. The new album will be out next year and I want to be out on tour promoting it in the U.K. and the States.

Q: Do you have any amusing moments that you may wish to share with us?

A: We just did a gig on Halloween where the band dressed up like the Invisible Men: bandages on the face, sunglasses and hats. The gig rocked, but I couldn’t see a thing. I couldn’t even see my microphone in front of my face.

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