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“Sharon Osbourne: More Important than Satan”

I don’t usually quote headlines from other sites verbatim but this one was too good not to. According to XFM Online, Sharon Osbourne has been voted “the most important person in the world of rock” according to Kerrang magazine. The full top ten are:

1. Sharon Osbourne
2. Satan
3. Brian Becker
4. Justin Hawkins
5. Rick Rubin
6. Michael Moore
7. Kurt Cobain
8. Rod Smallwood (founder of Sanctuary Records)
9. Lars Ulrich
10. Avril Lavigne

Satan is number 2? Geez I thought he was so “old school.” Not too sure why Michael Moore would be on this list and last I checked Kurt Cobain was dead but hey what the hell since they have included Avril Lavigne “for turning a new generation of pop fans into fans of all things loud and objectionable.” I will have to check with my Goddaughter on that one since she is a big Lavigne fan but come to think of it she does love AC/DC too and she is 10.