SilverThree Sound Recordings Cause a Panic in Detroit

I was flipping through the Christmas gift guide in the always handy free music monthly Exclaim when I noticed amongst the masses of ads and listings from some of the most obscure bands and record labels (and I’m not implying that that’s a bad thing, quite the opposite) when I noticed the article “Four Labels to Watch in 2004.” What immediately caught my eye was the fact that Rainbow Quartz was one of the labels listed, which impressed me. The next thing I noticed was in the discussion of Silverthree Sound Recordings there was mention made of a band called Panic in Detroit which were described as “the jewel in the sparkling crown is still the AC/DC inspired rock of Panic in Detroit.” Well I immediately beatled over to the site and checked out this “sparkling crown” and was quite impressed with what I heard both from Panic in Detroit and some of the other stuff on the label. Another small label with musical integrity making a go of it in the vast rock and roll jungle. Check ’em out and buy direct if you can.