Simon Heads to the Islands and Takes a Listen to Jointpop

Its not often that you will hear the words ‘rock band’ and ‘Trinidad and Tobago’ mentioned in the same breathe, which is why I was surprised when I found out that ‘Jointpop’ were from T&T. Its refreshing to hear a band from a country such as Trinidad taking influences from musicians like Neil Young, U2, and The Beatles but when they start to play it all becomes clear.

Jointpop are a five-piece band that has been going for some time now and in fact formed way back in 1996. They have toured and released various albums and DVD’s but have yet to break in to the big time. In terms of underground success though, they have seemingly done it all.

What makes this band stand out musically is the smooth gritty vocals from front man Gary Hector who with his flowing long dreadlocks looks different to how he sounds. His vocals are somewhat similar to Stereophonics singer Kelly Jones in the way his voice really suits the feel of the music he is playing. Nothing emphasis this more than the mellow sounding song ‘Yoko Ono’ which is the kind of rock song you could listen to whilst watching the sun go down.

The whole feel and vibe coming from this band is a real ‘feel-good’ sound with good solid guitars and drumming which really does not put their music that far from their influences mentioned earlier.

If you are like me and are quite intrigued by the sound of this unique band coming out of Trinidad, then hop on over to their Myspace and hear some more! Go to

Simon Phillips