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Some quickies for Wednesday on Grageband.Com, the Beatles and Warners

It’s been a bit of a hectic 24 hours so I haven’t been able to post as much stuff as I’d like but I have some quick news on, The Beatles and Warner Bros. Records. have announced that they will be offering the Creative Commons Music Sharing License for those artists who want to use it. Another arrow in the quiver of alternative copywrites for musicians seeking to “facilitate and improve self-distribution.”
The Beatles are currently in negotiations to make their music available in digital format. It would be interesting to see if they sign up with Apple’s iTunes seeing as they have so much legal “history” with the company.
Finally, artists on the Warner Bros. stable of labels are nervously awaiting the news of which one of them will be cut from the Warners roster after Stereolab according to Pitchfork Media. All the struggling new bands that probably need the most support will be the first to go I’m sure.
I’ll try to post some more soon but as I said things are a bit crazy around here.