Start & Run Your Own Record Label

(PRESS RELEASE) Revenge Productions’ next Start & Run Your Own Record Label seminar is on Saturday, February 24, 2007; 11AM – 5:30PM at the New Yorker Hotel, on the NW corner of 34th Street and Eighth Avenue in New York City

The seminar leader is Daylle Deanna Schwartz, author of the best-selling Start & Run Your Own Record Label, I Don’t Need a Record Deal! Your Survival Guide for the Indie Music Revolution and The Real Deal: How to Get Signed to a Record Label (Billboard Books). Daylle has been presenting these seminars for over 10 years.

The seminar will cover:

* setting up a business
* retail marketing and promotion
* radio promotion
* doing your own publicity
* marketing and promoting on the internet
* international marketing
* income streams for licensing CDs
* street promotion
* distribution
* manufacturing
* financing
* legal issues

Guest industry speakers:

Wallace Collins, an attorney in private practice in NYC, specializing in Entertainment Law & Intellectual Property matters. He’s represented many independent record labels, acts such as Junior/Senior, Dru Hill, and Beanie Sigel, managers, producers, clothing apparel and product licensing companies and much more. He was a recording artist for Epic Records before attending Fordham Law School. Wallace has appeared on many national TV / radio shows including COURT TV and HARD COPY.

Ellyn Harris, owner of well-respected music PR firm, Buzz Publicity. She’s worked with many artists and record labels, including Gloria Estefan, Webster Hall Records, Louie DeVito (#1selling DJ in America), Artemis Records and Warner Music Group. Prior to opening Buzz Publicity, Ellyn enjoyed success as a recording artist and had her own independent record label.

Josh Kessler, VP Operations, MasterSource Music Catalog, which has provided music for dozens of films, including Failure to Launch, and TV shows, including Sex and the City, My Name is Earl, and Law & Order. Josh is also a Music Supervisor for film and advertising.

Jeff Price, co-founder and GM / President of the New York based independent record label spinART records for 16 years, and has been in strategic relationships with Sony, Warner Bros., Sire, Polygram Music Publishing and more. spinART has distributed over 170 releases since its inception, including The Pixies, Echo & The Bunnymen, and Michael Penn. From 1997-2001 Jeff worked with Emusic, serving first as a consultant, then as interim VP of Content Acquisition and finally as Senior Director of Music/Business Development. In January Jeff launched TuneCore, a delivery and distribution company that enables artists to gain access to the channels of music distribution while keeping control of all of their rights, their masters and 100% of the money from music sales.

This will be the only private full day seminar that Daylle will present in New York this year.

Daylle also publishes Daylle’s News & Resources, a free music industry newsletter that includes interviews with industry pros and articles on getting ahead in the music industry.

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