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Stone Cold Fiction EP review plus interview

This band who I am highlighting for you here are very new to the unsigned rock scene, coming into formation in early 2014 and they are already making waves in the unsigned rock scene. They are based in between Bath and Bristol in the UK and go by the name of Stone Cold Fiction. At present, finding links for you to check their sound out from is a little difficult but fear not this will soon change.

Stone Cold Fiction are set to release their first EP on the 17th of October. I have been lucky enough to check this out via a private streaming link and believe me, this release rocks out loud and proud in every respect.

 The first track ‘Irrelephant’ begins with a deliciously atmospheric intro as it then slides into a deliciously fuzzy opening riff leading to some seriously heavy grooves and driving rhythms. To describe this as exhilarating would be an understatement, it is a stunning slab of heavy alternative rock.

 ‘I Don’t Know’ carries this theme along beautifully, the guitar, bass, vox and drums are all performed with such dazzling excitement and intensity.

This is blatantly apparent throughout the EP. The third track ‘Stone By Stone’ is another which starts with an atmospheric intro leading into a gorgeous track which is slightly less driven or feverish as the other two tracks. I have been getting addicted to Stone Cold Fiction very rapidly, their lyrics and musicianship are both beyond reproach whilst their delivery of this is second to none.

Stone Cold Fiction - Thunderbolt

I had a little chat with Alex from Stone Cold Fiction to find out a little more about the band…

Nick – How did Stone Cold Fiction come together initially?

Alex – Well Stephen and I are cousins but we were never really aware that we both played instruments. We eventually jammed about a year and a half ago and had a blast. After a while Matt joined in and after that we would just play together every Saturday. I guess it’s still the same we just have a label on it now.

Nick – From the four tracks of yours which I have heard so far you obviously have a diverse array of influences including grunge, hard rock and alternative. Could you expand on this?

Alex – The three songs you have heard are coming out on our debut EP on October 17th, we’re hosting the launch at The Thunderbolt in Bristol with some friends of ours. We have a lot of influences and we actually all have the exact same music taste, which is rare in bands and is certainly a blessing. I would say our early stuff has a lot of diversity in comparison to the next EP that should be out sometime next year if we’re lucky.


Nick – The fourth track which I have heard is ‘Broken Minds’ which is on Reverbnation, its a great tune which sounds much earlier. From the sound of your music and also from the way in which you formed, Stone Cold Fiction are just meant to be. Apart from the EP which you are currently working on, what are your plans at the moment?

Alex – . At the moment we’re just recovering from months of relentless gigging. We’ve got a few shows coming up, but over the summer we have some time to write. After the EP is out of the way we are going to start putting the finishing touches on the new songs we have for the next one and then record it at the start of next year.

Nick – . It seems that a debut album may not be too far away, is that a safe assumption?

Alex – It could be… We only have plans for the next year really. As we are only a three piece operation with no behind the scenes managers or financial backing it’s hard for us to make massive plans like an album, but it will surely arrive, just not sure when. Having said that, we are always writing.

Nick – How does the writing process work within the band?

Alex – Normally we’ll all get together and brainstorm ideas. We all have equal say and contribute as much as each other.

Nick – . Do you work on the production side of things yourselves or do you use an outside producer?

Alex – We had a producer for this EP. We used Danny McMahon for this record. He actually approached us after seeing one of our shows.

Nick – What are the highs and lows since the formation of Stone Cold Fiction

Alex – The highs are playing gigs all the time. I think a really special moment for me in particular was when the drummer for The Heavy came and saw us play. Probably the worst part about being in this band is how finically crippling it is.

Nick – What will be the best way for people to check you out? Which sites will you loading your EP onto once it is released?

Alex – Our Facebook and Website has everything you’ll ever have to know. We will be selling copies of the EP’s at our shows or you can grab it on Bandcamp for a donation of your choice.

Nick – How has your experience been since forming Stone Cold Fiction, apart from the financial stresses how has your experience been so far?

Alex – In a word, extravagant!