Sweden’s ‘Dirty Passion’ love their own music, Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue not so much – but best of all, they’ll always speak their mind

dirtypassion-03Perhaps it’s just me, but if I had the ability to change one thing about today’s rock scene, I’d bring it back to the ‘80s. Say what you will but I’m a sucker for the era when rock was raw, dirty, unapologetic and, well, mind-blowingly good.

Sweden’s Dirty Passion seem to share my outlook. Formed in 2006 in Malmö, Sweden, Emil Ekbladh (Vocals), Christopher Olsson (Guitar), Björn Wilander (Bass) and Markus Winberg (Drums) draw from the greats of that very scene, infusing their musical stylings into their own tracks to end up with a sound that is simultaneously nostalgic and modern. And, of course, always rockin’.

In early 2010 Dirty Passion will be touring Europe with Faster Pussycat and Enuff Z’ Nuff, and before they set off Emil took some time out to talk to The R&RR about all things rock.

Q: Lets begin with the basics – how did Dirty Passion start?

A: We all met in 2006. The other guys had been looking for a good singer for a long time when I finally came into the picture. I found an ad and came to the audition and it just took off from there.

Q: When you’re writing music – is there a process you follow?

A: We usually start with guitar: a good riff or melody. Then we go on with the vocals and lyrics. It just comes naturally.

Q: As a band, do you find that songwriting gets easier with time?

A: When we find the time and inspiration to write new songs, it’s not that hard. What’s really hard is to find the time. We’re a busy band trying to keep in contact with our fans, booking gigs, recording and rehearing and so on. In the end, we always come up with some good shit though.

Q: The sound reminds me of some of my favorite 80s rockers, like Mötley Crüe – who are the bands you draw most inspiration from?

A: To be honest with you, no one in the band really listens to Mötley Crüe. We find our inspiration in bands like Guns N’ Roses, Kiss, Europe, Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy. We like it old school, but we listen to a lot of music from different periods.

Q: You’ve released several promo CDs over the years, what’s in the works now?

A: We’ve released several promo CDs since the start [and] we got a lot of offers from different labels, but we won’t sign anything until we feel we’ve found the right label and the right deal. There’s a lot of really shitty labels out there that won’t do anything good for you. It’s a matter of finding the right people for the job and we’re here to stay so we’re not in a hurry.

We just released a couple of new songs: D.O.A. and Killing My Dreams, as well as a promo video for D.O.A.

dirtypassion-05Q: Your favorite Dirty Passion song that you’ve recorded so far?

A: I think I would have to say Self-Destructive. It’s just a damn good song with nice guitars and good lyrics. There’s a lot of feelings in the song and it’s just kick-ass ’80s style.

Q: Do you ever think of doing a song in Swedish?

A: No, we will never do a song in Swedish. I think by doing so, we would close the door to most of our foreign fans. We’re here to hit it big time and you won’t get anywhere by writing lyrics in Swedish.

Q: If you could collaborate with any artist out there, who would you choose?

A: That’s a tricky question. Who would we not choose?

Q: What’s been the best show you’ve played so far?

A: So far, our best show would probably be the one we played in Bochum, Germany. We got the opportunity to open up for American rock legends Y&T, which was really cool. A huge audience, we were at our best and also got to meet some of the coolest guys in rock history. That was a really good night.

Q: Any pre-show rituals before you go on stage?

A: I try to relax as much as possible. It’s always wild onstage, of course, and usually the after parties are crazy, so I guess I need that relaxing time.

Q: The most surprising thing about Dirty Passion?

A: This band has never signed a record deal, but we’ve got a larger following than most of the locals bands with record deals around here.

Q: The ultimate standout moment so far?

A: The best moment so far was landing the deal as opening act for Faster Pussycat and Enuff Z’Nuff on their European Glam Jam 2010 tour. We’re just a “small” band from Malmö, landing deals with Hollywood – That’s pretty cool!

Q: If you weren’t in Dirty Passion, what do you think you’d be doing right now?

A: If I weren’t in Dirty Passion I’d probably not be here today. Music keeps me alive, it keeps me above ground. I’m not interested in working a shitty job to survive, I’m just here to “make it” with my band. Actually, weather we make it big time or not is not important. I just do what I love to do and that’s all there is to it. That’s what matters in the end.

Q: Forced to choose one CD to listen to for the rest of your life, what would you go for? (Double CDs are cheating.)

A: Guns n’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction. That’s one hell of an album. Great songs, raw production and just kick ass all the way through!

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