Cover Story Interview – The Allman Brothers Band – Where It All Begins – with design/artwork by Ioannis

Subject: Where It All Begins, by The Allman Brothers Band – a 1994 release on Sony Records, with cover artwork and design produced by Ioannis.

All images featured in this Cover Story are Copyright 1994 – 2007, Ioannis/Vivid Image Design – All rights reserved. Except as noted, all other text Copyright 2009 – Mike Goldstein & RockPoP Gallery ( – All rights reserved.

With the band celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and in the midst of its annual multi-show run at NYC’s Beacon Theater, I thought that it’d be interesting for Cover Story readers to get a look behind the scenes of the making of one of their more-recent record covers – the one for 1994’s Where It All Begins, created by the designer/painter Ioannis – in that, like the band, it represents another well-done turn on a classic original effort.