PIGSHIT: They Ain’t Heavy…

Never as naughty as the Rolling Stones, nor as pin-up perfect as Herman’s Hermits; seldom as musically adventurous as the Yardbirds, nitty-gritty as the Animals, or full-on bombastic as The Who. Of course, as truly no-one was, they just weren’t as precociously talented as those Beatles either.

In fact, throughout the entire artistic marathon which was 1960’s pop, perhaps their only true competition – in the vocal department at least – would be the all-American Beach Boys. And, like them, it seems the only true “crime” The Hollies ever committed during their illustrious decades-long career was that they solely concentrated on, well, just making good records

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Benny Paul – Normal as The Next Guy…..

Benny Paul- My Kind of Normal

When I receive a promo package from an artist/band in the mail which they have sent for review consideration, one might think the music would be the first thing I would check out as that’s what the whole deal is about, right? Well, no. At least, not for me. The first thing I look at when I open the envelope is the (hopefully) enclosed bio one-sheet. There on that sheet of paper should be a decent three or four paragraph write-up about the artist’s history, his inspirations, how the enclosed album came to be recorded, the inspiration behind it and so forth. I am expecting the bio to tell me briefly what is important and special about the artist/band, whether it be the act’s experience, background, mindset, or any other factoid that will set this act apart from all the other acts in the world. In Paul’s case, the most interesting thing about him was this bio quote: “I’ve always preferred the pop style of songs as opposed to the more instrumental (where the focus is on individual talent rather than songs). John Cougar Mellencamp instead of John Coltrane. The Rolling Stones instead of Charlie Parker.” that struck me about Paul’s mindset.