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Concert Review: Wolf Parade at Le National, Montreal

Wolf Parade performed the first show of their international tour at Montreal’s Le National on July 8th and what better way to start a set of gigs than by performing back-to-back shows in a hometown venue? When these guys jam, they do their band name justice. I kid you not, they all resemble wolves engaging their instruments in passion, angst, and fun.

A little background on the wolves: Dan Boeckner, Dante DeCaro, Spencer Krug, and Arlen Thompson have participated in successful indie projects including Frog Eyes, Sunset Rubdown, Hot Hot Heat, and Handsome Furs. Wolf Parade’s first full-length album, “Apologies to the Queen Mary,” got a Polaris nomination back in 2006 and after the success of their first LP, the band released 2008’s “At Mount Zoomer” under Sub Pop. Spencer Krug’s lyrics follow from the aesthetic of Patty Smith, whose “rock poetry” appropriated fragments of symbolist writing to construct indeterminate sequences of metaphor and meaning.