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CD Review: Alert the Medic “We, the Weapon”

Alert the Medic has been perking up the ears of fans and critics alike in Canada’s East Coast. They’ve made some major career strides so far, having toured alongside Ill Scarlett and shared stages with Our Lady Peace, Arkells, Hollerado and more. They received four nominations at the Nova Scotia Music Awards and in early 2011 it was announced that they were nominated for the much coveted “Fan’s Choice Entertainer of the Year” award at the East Coast Music Awards.

“We, the Weapon” is the band’s sophomore effort and was released last year, following their self-titled debut album from 2006. The band has gained a reputation for writing driving rock anthems and performing them passionately during their energetic live shows.

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Growing Younger: Montreal’s Michou will school you on happiness

After watching Michou’s video for “Growing Younger,” I was immediately intrigued by the band and ended up spending about an hour browsing through different uploads of them on YouTube. From a Christmas song they recorded last year to hilarious clips that they regularly post while touring, I could not stop clicking ‘next video.’ In every clip that I saw, each of the band members was always smiling and laughing, which incidentally had the same effect on me. So when Mike Hargreaves showed up for our interview in his slippers and with a big smile on his face, I immediately knew that my feeling about this band had been right.

Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, Michou is a fun band that is there to make you smile. What’s good about them is that while they don’t take themselves too seriously, they always come up with well-written songs that provide instant happiness. The group is made up of four close friends: Mike Hargreaves (vocals), Ryan Frith (bass), Sasha Cvetkovic (trumpets) and Stefan Appler (drums). The boys enjoy each other’s company so much that whether they’re on tour or back home, they always meet for a big daily breakfast, which is Mike’s favourite part of the day.

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Toronto’s Dinosaur Bones: Indie rockers with big dreams (and a bit of a criminal record)

Rain pelted the streets of Montreal during my search for Dinosaur Bones at POP Montreal 2010. The Toronto-based band – not to be confused with Jurassic period fossils – has been a shinning light in Toronto’s independent music scene. Their melodic guitar riffs meld with an organic, hard-hitting rhythm section and strike a balance unique for an alternative rock group. Their music has a hard edge, but a relaxing, almost trance-like vibe. Dinosaur Bones played the POP festival for the second year in a row and agreed to an interview with The Rock and Roll Report, but Mother Nature and Montreal traffic made sitting down for an interview an adventure.

5:03 p.m. – I arrive at the media house for POP Montreal on Sherbrooke Street. I ask for Dinosaur Bones, instead I get a free Chuck Taylor T-shirt. Score!

5: 43 p.m. – I meet up with my editor Barbara Pavone. She set up the interview, but had one of her own to do with Turbogiest. She gets to work. I get a beer. I tweet about the strange Arabic techo music being played by the house DJ.

6:10 p.m. – Contact is made with Branko Scekic, the bassist of Dinosaur Bones! They are somewhere on Highway 20. I ask where. “I have no idea,” responds Scekic. They have another interview at BarFly on Saint Laurent. I agree to meet them there.