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Pearl Jam’s 9th Album ‘Back Spacer’. You know you want it.

(editor’s note: This is the first of two reviews of Pearl Jam’s latest by Rock and Roll Report writers. We are a firm believer in not one person having a monopoly of what RRR thinks of anything so we will follow up Stef’s review with one by Bill tomorrow)

Reviewing the latest Pearl Jam album ‘Back Spacer’ turned out to be more challenging than I had expected. Having been exposed and become a fan of Pearl Jam at such a vulnerable time in my life (early teens.. YIKES!) there is a sentimental value attached to them which has most likely clouded my judgment when it comes to their music. The difficult part then was being able to make an assessment of the album without factoring in my respect and admiration, and without comparison to their first several albums, which hold a very special place in my heart.