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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #65 – Get It On!

get it onAnother week, another healthy dose of rock and roll fun! This week I play some bands that I have previously played on other podcasts as well as some new stuff that is currently making my ears happy. And just a reminder, if you enjoy the podcast then please chick out the rest of the Rock and Roll Report as there is bound to be something to scratch your rock and roll itch. And don’t forget to check out the brand new Rock and Roll Report TV!

As usual you have a wide range of styles from a wider range of bands and artists who are either unsigned or are signed to independent record labels. If you like what you hear please consider supporting these bands in a tangible way by buying their music, going to their shows and buying their merch.

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CD Review: Band of Skulls – Baby Darling Doll Face Honey (Shangri-la/Phi)

bandofskullscoverWhether you’ve heard about it or not, there’s a serious buzz radiating throughout the rock ‘n world hemisphere for a small band out of Southampton, England called Band Of Skulls. Perhaps it’s due to their inclusion on the upcoming soundtrack for the heavily anticipated (by some) sequel to Twilight. Perhaps it’s the overbearing curiosity by so many inquiring into whose music they were enjoying during one of the patented sex-heavy scenes on the HBO phenomenon True Blood. Maybe the buzz came abound when iTunes introduced “I know what I am” as their free single of the week causing soon-to-be fans to flock to the digital Mecca. Or the plethora of comparisons with the immensely popular White Stripes.

Truthfully, there are a combination of reasons that could explain the meteoric buildup for Band of Skulls, however, most of the possibilities mentioned above are a direct result of one key ingredient – these cats can rock! It only makes sense that the contributions and talents of all three members meshed together could create something like Baby Darling Doll Face Honey – one of those rare cases of an album exceeding the lofty expectations that preceded with the buzz.

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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #57 – Hey Mom, I Got the Bomb!

kid-sports-fanI’m back!

After over a month with no podcast I am back and ready to rock once again. I took pretty much all of August off to recharge my batteries in advance of a full scale rock and roll assault on the ‘net. As you will be learning about in the next few days The Rock and Roll Report has a new editorial team ready to take the site to the next level and I couldn’t be happier!

The great thing about this team is that they share my vision of spreading the word about some amazing rock and roll that is put out by bands and artists that are for the most part unsigned or signed to the smaller indie labels out there. Together I think you will find the site an even better destination for rock and roll fans as we have more resources and more voices added to the mix.

Another thing that I am happy about is that this new team frees up my time to allow me to concentrate on the podcast, RRR TV and perhaps some writing for the site of my own! It is all good and I can’t wait for you to see what we have in store.

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Speaking of rock and roll, this is what I played on this week’s show:

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Rock and Roll Report TV: Band of Skulls – I Know What I Am

I Know What I Am from Bands of Skulls debut album Baby Darling Doll Face Honey. Enjoy~