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CD Review: Batusis EP

Holy hand grenades when this EP is released it is going to blow a big hole in the world music scene. I have been privileged enough to have received a promotional copy and to be honest it has hardly left my CD player. This EP is full on earth shaking rock’n’roll at its peak. Proving that old punks never die, they just get louder and sharper.

Right it’s time to cut the crap and get on with the music. Track 1 ‘Blue’s Theme is an incendiary instrumental. It kicks off with a joyous drum roll leading to a batcycle firing up. Then it off with full throttle rock’n’roll. The motorcycle returns a couple of times to accentuate the feel of the song.

Track 2 ‘What You Lack in Brains’ kicks in, vocals provided by Sylvain Sylvain. It is supercharged rock’n’roll full of style and attitude. A real heavy boogie tune performed to the maximum. Truly heavy duty stuff, a rocking masterpiece.